The Sofa

We sat on the U-shaped, tan suede sofa, peeling our skin back like cellophane
Convinced we could save each other from life’s next affront
Just by the right combination of quotations, passages, and prayers.
Who did we think we were? This group of women munching on peanut M&Ms,
Sipping from our bottles of Mike’s Hard Lemonade and chardonnay?
Were we God’s messengers and warriors, or just another gathering of fools?
Always aware of this lethal game of chance we had entered into
Never quite mindful of the fact that even if the cartridge came up empty
We would still feel the bullet’s sting, as it unloaded on the next person in the circle.
Ever conscious of the ancient shadows of all the others who had played before us
We gazed ahead at the delicate angels etched in the snow, side by side, covered in frost
Awaiting the next scintilla of sunshine to melt away the remnants of our crystallized tears.

by Amy Jones


11 thoughts on “The Sofa

  1. Wow, Amy! “…peeling our skin back like cellophane” – I already loved this poem before I had even finished reading the first line. By the time I reached “crystallized tears” I had stopped being aware of my actual environment and I was in that room, imagining the stories of women I’ve never met. Your words completely drew me in. This is fantastic. (Sharing on fb.) Xx

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