Simple Pleasures

Thanks to all of you who offered words of encouragement and wisdom in response to my last post about finding success. It was nice to be reminded that living in the moment and finding peace within is always the best approach to uncertainty. This past week I have found some relief from my questioning by applying those strategies as much as I could remember to, and when those stormy thoughts entered my mind, accepting them.

I’ve just spent the weekend with my adorable, lively 3-year-old granddaughter and my precious daughter.  I wish they lived closer but 5 hours away isn’t so bad.  It is amazing how many things one notices when walking with a toddler. The ants crawling on the sidewalk, the scent of a pine cone, and the sounds of a baby bird hidden in a nearby bush.

Today is a beautiful day and the only dilemma I’m feeling right now is how to spend it. Gardening? Hiking? Bike Riding? How grateful I am to have so may choices.

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