The Mountain’s Healing Powers

“Some of us are drawn to mountains the way the moon draws the tide. Both the great forests and the mountains live in my bones. They have taught me, humbled me, purified me and changed me.”
― Joan Halifax

I find that when the soul needs healing, the mountains and forests are there to embrace me.


Caring in this Moment

“Maybe this one moment, with this one person, is the very reason we are here on earth at this time.”  From The Caring Moment by Jean Watson

As we continue on our journey of helping my father to heal from his recent open-heart surgery, I am reminded of one of my favorite nurse theorists, Jean Watson. I first became familiar with her when I was taking a nursing theory class. I had become somewhat frustrated with some of the other theories which seemed too complicated to figure out how to put them into practice.

When I discovered Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring Science, I loved her message of authentic mindful caring. The essence of all caring is that brief moment in time when we can truly connect with another human being, and in that moment, create the essential bond that leads to healing at the deepest level.

I am thankful for each member of my dad’s healthcare team who have taken the time to get to know him, listen to him, and care for him.

It is hard to see this man who cared for me all those years in such a dependent state. Sometimes I become impatient with the baby steps he is making.  It is in those moments that I try to remember what is stated best in my favorite meditation by Jean Watson, beautifully illustrated in this Youtube video.

I’m hoping my dear father will be discharged from the hospital today, moving on to the next step into a cardiac rehab center. But it is in his time, not mine, that he will heal.


The Time for the Healing of the Wounds Has Come

Last night I saw Wynton Marsalis with JCLO. First off, since I am a former trumpet player, I am in absolute awe of his talent and of the talent of every member of this band. My favorite part of the concert was part of their Presidential Suite – Nelson Mandela’s “The Time for the Healing of the Wounds Has Come”.

I wasn’t able to find a clip of just that song on YouTube, but if you would like to listen to it, skip ahead to 1:08 of this clip; I guarantee you will be moved. This song brought tears to my eyes, it was so beautiful. It reminded me of my visit to Pretoria, South Africa, and getting to know some of the lovely people who live there. The song also reminded me of the healing power of reconciliation, of which our country seems to be in desperate need of right now.